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Plan your Year 2017 as per Astrological guidelines, The Year 2017 Report will be based on the major period (Dasha) and influences of various planets on this particulate year 2017. It gives you an expert insight into different aspects of your life, helps you to take calculated and informed decisions.

One Year Report will cover : Career n Finance, Romance and Relationship and most important your  Health. 

This simplified prediction will be given on the basis of dasha & mahadasha. This report also evaluates the varying influence of various planetary transits on you. So you are always prepared for the best and worst at the same time. Year Report 2017 will prescribe you the specific remedies based on the magnitude of malefic influences you might undergo, which is of course based on your birth chart.

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Fee: Rs 6100/- only (US $100).  Delivery: By Email Within 5 Working Days

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