Personal Meeting With Pt. Deepak Dubey

By choosing this service you can meet Pt Deepak Dubey  personally by taking prior appointment to discuss your problems  like marriage, relationship, Health, Career etc  on a single Kundali (in case Marriage or Progency Issue we consider 2 Kundalis) .

In 60 min session you can discuss anything from a single Kundali or specific topic from two kundalis each.

Fee: Rs 6100 (US $100) only

Duration: Maximum 60 min. 

Appointment : Within 3-4 days of your request  .

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A/C Name: Deepak Kumar Dubey
Bank A/C No. IFSC Code
ICICI 025301582289 ICIC0000253
IDBI 0877104000038322 IBKL0000877

  ph icon+91-9990911538

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