" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
Pt Deepak Dubey

Gun Milan or Kundali Milan

Marriage is an utmost important decision of life which primarily decides our future course. From ancient times only, marriages are arranged in India after consulting an experienced astrologer for Kundli Milan. This is basically a compatibility test that covers many important things in the couple’s life like-

  • checking their longevity
  • financial aspects
  • mental compatibility
  • physical compatibility
  • children

This matching requires a deep understanding of Vedic astrology and good predictive ability to give a valuable suggestion.

Nowadays, technology has taken over and people are widely using apps to match the kundlis.

First of all, we should understand the fact that the technology-based Astro apps just deal with Gun Milan which is just a subpart of Kundli Milan. There are many other factors that are to be looked upon before going to marriage.

These factors cannot be coded into any software rather proper analyzation and personal touch are highly required. In astrology, the predictions are not based upon the thumb rules only rather the experience, spiritual essence, and blessings of God to reveal the truth are required. Therefore, software is ineffective in matching kundlis as this requires expertise combined with God’s grace. 

Today even many half-learned astrologers go for Gun Milan which is not enough for a successful marriage. Gun Milan is match-making on the basis of janma nakshatra i.e. moon nakshatra. Gun Milan consists of 8 individual tests. You are awarded a certain number of points on passing each test. All these points are further added to get an overall score. For checking compatibility nowadays people are just checking this overall score. I want to aware that a good score of 26 also doesn’t assure you a good married life. In addition, there are many exceptions to this gun Milan principles also.

You should always consult an experienced astrologer and go for proper Kundli Milan which is a holistic approach of match-making.

Some key points to be checked during Kundli Milan-

  • 2nd house-This house represents your Kutumba. For girls, an unafflicted 2nd house is a blessing as it will help sustain the family lineage with good children. Also, it avoids any unnecessary quarrels.
  • Upapada Lagna
  • Navamsa-Navamasa is the most important chart for marriage. Lagna chart shows the external world however Navamsa tells the real strength of the chart and the bonding between the couple. If the planets are ill-placed in Navamsa (mainly 7th lord and Venus), then there may not be any connection between the couple.
  • Ascendants and moon signs of both girl and boy should be also checked for compatibility.
  • 7th house of chart.

These are only some of the factors listed above. However, a good astrologer might go for deeper study and check other important things too. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for complete Kundli Milan instead of Gun Milan to take the crucial decision of marriage.

Smriti Bansal

AstroTips Team 

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