" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
Pt Deepak Dubey

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018 

धनु राशिफल 2018

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Sagittarius horoscope 2018 is not based on sun or moon sign but on the ascendant. The 2018 horoscope of individuals born inSagittarius ascendant is related to health, business, fate and married life. This horoscope is based on general facts, so you are advised to have a check on your kundali under any special situation before getting to a conclusion. Positive and negative effects are based on your present conditions of planets. 

 Planetary positions in 2018
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is in your eighth house in the beginning of 2018 and will remain in this house for more than half a year i.e. till the middle of October.
  • Saturn: In the beginning of 2018, Saturn is in your ascendant’s house and will remain here for the whole year.
  • Rahu: From the beginning of 2018 to the entire year Rahu will be in the eighth place
  • Ketu: From the beginning of 2018 to the entire year Ketu will be in second place.
  • If your moon sign is Sagittarius then in the year 2018, “there will be a mid  phase of “Saturn Sade-Saati”. (Click to know the effect of Shani Sade Sati.)

Financial Position: 2018 is going to be auspicious for you. There are strong potentials in the economic condition to be seen more than ever before. There will be balance in income and expenditure. You will also be successful in accumulating wealth this year while playing all the responsibilities of the family.

You will also be able to spend a lot of money on your own comfort. If you want to get a house or vehicle then there will be favourable conditions in 2018. You must take advantage of this. This time is good for the property.

Be sure to consult an experienced investor in financial investment. Avoid temptations like more money gains in less time in impulse. Your money may also be trapped in Share Market. It will be possible to spend money in the education of children and the parents’ health. You will also spend money in auspicious work too.

Foreign trips and benefits from overseas jobs will be earned. Remote relationships will also benefit you. At the end of the year, you will show interest in some religious activities and will not go back in spending money in charity and charity deeds.

Work Business: This year will be a year of success for your business. The more you work the more profit you earn. The effort you made will not fail, only the effort should be in the right direction. Whatever business you are doing, stay in the same arena in the year of 2018. Any type of change can be risky.

There will be no possibility of making profit in doing anything new. In the new area, labour will be more and the benefits will be less. As a result, there can be unrest in mind. Failure will take some efforts in the middle of the year. There can be debates even in vain.

Partnering or ideological differences will arise in the partnership. Those who are employed in the profession will benefit from the associates. The higher officers will be happy with the work you have done. You will also be punctual in your work. There is possibility of promotion in job. Wealth, success, reputation will increase. This year you will get benefit from experience but not from your education.

Education: Year 2018 students will be imparting knowledge and intellect. This year you will gain interest in studies. You will move towards your goalwith concentration. No major hindrance will come in your way this year.

You will get the goal, without waiting. This year you will also get success in competition and interview.

Those people who have been preparing for some time, they will probably get success. There will be no shortage of wealth, achievement and reputation. Your efforts for achieving higher education will be successful. All the difficulties faced on the way of going abroad will be overcome. Luck is on your side, so you will definitely get success with your hard work.

Social and family status: Concerns about wealth and health will remain this year. There will be a possibility of stress or sudden discomfort or an accident inthe family. Mental stress will increase. Friends will not be on your side even though will get full supportfrom the family.

Advice from your wife will be beneficial. There will be Parental support. Children will get success in education. Will achieve success due to perseverance in difficult situations. At this time there will be a possibility of a major disease so stay alert. People eligible for marriagewill have to wait a little longer.

Your thoughts will be a glimpse of spirituality and philosophy. There will be the rise of religious, spiritual feelings in mind. You would be attending religious ceremonies. You will treat everyone in the same way, along with will realize your responsibilities for family and society, and will also think and be able to fulfil responsibilities.

This year will be spent with some stress and ideological differences in marital life. Some issues related to the health of the life partner can arise. If Saptamesh’s situation is not as good then some people who are eligible for marriage can get into relation with a widow / widower or divorced female / male.

This year will bring freshness in love relations. The search for a new partner of some people will end. All types of pleasure facilities will grow in life. Honour and respect will increase in the society. You will get plenty of pleasure of good vehicle, house and servant. So will get full pleasure of life partner and children.


  • Try to be honest & truthful.
  • Think before you spend money
  • Suicidal tendencies will increase in people with mental depression.
  • Be aware of health, especially breathing and gall bladder problems can be troublesome.
  • Help others as far as possible.
  • Period & Sub period of Rahu may cause trouble.
  • Be cautious from poisonous animals.
  • Keep distance from deep water.
  • Worship Shiva and Guru ( Jupiter)


Om Namah Shivay

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