" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
Pt Deepak Dubey

Libra Horoscope 2018 

तुला राशिफल 2018

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Libra horoscope 2018 is not based on sun or moon sign but on the ascendant. The 2018 horoscope of individuals born in libra ascendant is related to health, business, fate and married life. This horoscope is based on general facts, so you are advised to have a check on your kundali under any special situation before getting to a conclusion. Positive and negative effects are based on your present conditions of planets. 

Planetary positions in 2018

  • Jupiter: Jupiter is in your ascendant’s house at the beginning of 2018 and for more than half of the year, until October to mid-October it will remain in this house.
  • SaturnSaturn is in your third house at the beginning of 2018 and will remain here for the whole year
  • Rahu: From the beginning of 2018 to the entire year it will be in tenth place
  • Ketu: From the beginning of 2018 to the entire year it will be in the fourth place

Note: If your Chandra Rashi is also Libra then you will be free from the effects of  “Shani Sade Sati” 

Finance:  The year 2018 will bring up gradual growth in your economic situation. This year you will gain more than expected from the previous year. This year your strength will increase. Although you may have to face some difficulties early in the year, the speed of profit will be slow but do not get distracted; your stubborn nature will expel you from all the conflicts. Your self-respect will prevent you from unnecessary agreements. Many options of partnership will come in front of you, but the partnership will not yield beneficial results this year.

The financial difficulties that you will face in the beginning of the year will be balanced by coming to the middle of the year. Although there will be no special decline in earnings, but still you will not be able to conform to hope. There are possibilities of sudden benefits and sudden losses of money, so try to be balanced in financial matters and do not make any hasty decisions.

By the end of the year, your financial situation will improve. At the end of the year, you will make some decisions in excitement that will again increase your unnecessary expenses. Expenses will increase from the vehicle.

Due to the increase in the material pleasures, more money will be spent. Picnics and family needs will burden you. However, there will be an increase in influence and powers. The unprecedented growth in Posts – Reputation – Value – is possible

Work-Business: In the business area there is possibility of hindrance. There will be obstacles that will try to reduce your social values. You will be stubborn and straight forward facing troubles. Due to your tactic strength and patience, you will soon overcome the barrier.

Your personality will be effective from the middle of the year to the end. There is possibility of success and promotion in both jobs and business with some problems. This year you will do any public welfare or social work. Interest in religious activities will increase and you will extend your hand to help the helpless people. The heart will be full of compassion and mercy. You will not leave the service of the society.

Your strength will be increased. Success will be achieved in the work you take in this time. You will be engrossed with both intellectual and spiritual energy. Position – Reputation – Value – Honours will be at phenomenal growth. New resources and sources of livelihood will arise.

Those people who had problems with their subordinate employees or the employees did not end up, their problem would end now. The strongest possibility of new vehicles is persisting.

Education: In the year 2018 excellent success will be achieved in education and competition. Your planet in education will prove to be highly collaborative and effective this year. The feeling of a little excitement and a bit of restlessness will remain in mind, but still you will not lose your patience in the year 2018. Do not take hasty decisions and keep control over speech. Use yoga and meditation to keep your mind calm.

Diligence and effort will give encouraging success.

Social and family status: There is a possibility of lack in the happiness of the father, and you will suffer due to the mother of your mother or wife. Mental unrest will increase. There will be obstacles in the business area and there will be a lack of respect for social value. There may be trouble with your property. Unnecessary expenses will increase due to vehicle.

If there is ‘KaalSarp Yoga’ in the horoscope then the conditions will become more painful. Impact and power will increase. Better time is for the people of the political field. Your personality will be effective, although the nature will be stubborn and straight forward. You will very much inclined to the social service. Differences are possible from father this year. Enemies will be defeated and almost all the events will be favorable to you. Position – Reputation – Value – Hon ours will be at phenomenal growth.

People who want to get children will also be able to attain children at this time. You will get the affection and cooperation of your siblings and close friends. The trend towards religious and social work will increase. Sometime of the year can only be tragic and painful for your younger brother. You will make name of your family by your actions. You will adopt Religious, justice and moral conduct.

Health will be better. You will get happiness from woman and children.


  • If there is ‘KaalSarp Yoga’ in the horoscope then you will have to struggle to get the pleasure facility.
  • Do not feel jealous of relatives
  • There is possibility of father’s grief for some people
  • Do not engage with high rank officers. There will remain some mental distress at the work place
  • Do not allow atheism to dominate
  • If there is Guru Antar-dasha then be cautious about health.
  • Make “Rahu” related donations
  • Keep your serving employees happy.

Om Namah Shivay

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