" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
" ज्योतिष भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है , और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है "- पं. दीपक दूबे
Pt Deepak Dubey

Capricorn Horoscope 2017 :

Capricorn 2017 

हिंदी में पढने के लिए क्लिक करें 

Capricorn Horoscope 2016



  • This horoscope is based on Ascendant & not on Sun or Moon Sign
  • This is a general horoscope so readers are advised to reach on any conclusion only after consulting your horoscope.
  • Good and bad results depend on your present period & sub period (dasha & antardasha) of planets.

Planetary position in 2017

  • Jupiter: Jupiter is in  9th house since the beginning of 2017, and will remain there till September.
  • Saturn: Saturn will be in your 11th house in the beginning of 2017 and will change its position from 26th January and will move to your 12th house. Click Here to know more
  • Rahu: Rahu will be in your 8th house from the beginning of 2017 and will move to 7th house.
  • Ketu: Ketu is in your 2nd house and will remain there till mid of the 2017 then will move to your Lagna
  • In the beginning of 2017 the conjunction of Venus, Mars and Ketu will be in your 11th house
  • Conjunction of Sun and Mercury will be in 9th house. 
  • If your moon sign is also Capricorn Capricorn then your SHANI SADE SATI will start and you will face its initial phase. Click Here to know more


Health: Year 2017 is not good for health for Capricorn ascendants because Rahu is present in your 8th house in beginning of the year. Rahu’s presence & Saturn’s direct aspect on 8th house is not good for health. Only relief is that Saturn’s influence will last till January month. Jupiter is the enemy of Saturn so its malefic aspect will affect your horoscope. Because of thisplanetary positions  year 2017 is not favorable for health.

This year stomach related problems would increase like gastric, liver problem, obesity related problems  & joint pains etc. If you are already suffering from these problems, then there are chances of sudden increase in these problems. If not then be careful in advance because there would be risk of having it. If you are going through the period & sub period of rahu then you would be at risk of getting this disease.

Work and Business: This year is not good for income. If you are into permanent work or doing it from permanent place then, there would be less income. You will not get expected results this year as much you work hard. This year is good for those, whose business is depended on traveling or connected to foreign or getting income from Internet, then you would be earning more than expected.

There may be sudden loss of money in first part of the year so don’t take decision in haste regarding money. Make financial decision after consulting someone experienced. This year you may face difficulty in saving money. If your income is higher even you will not be able to save money.

Last six month of the year is very sensitive for partnership. Your partner may cheat you and consequences may be fatal. If Capricorn ascendants are thinking of business in partnership then don’t start after June and if possible postponed it till next year. If you are already doing business in  partnership, then be careful and make amends with your partner, the possibility of breaking up with partner is there and you may have to incur heavy loss.

Due to influence of Saturn, you may face some changes this year. It may be a change of location or job. There are chances of job transfer, change in business or task and adding some new projects.

Education: There are chances of getting success only after diligence and best effort. Don’t expect too much success, as this year may be an impediment for education. You may suddenly get excited but have to control it. This year, you would be restless most of the time. You would be able to achieve success only after controlling tension, excitement and restlessness. Keep yourself tension free and focus on your work without thinking of results.

Marriage and Relationship: 2017 will bring lots of ups and down in love affairs. If you are in love relationships, then your relationship would be full of tension, disputes and love. After June, more stress or breakup of relationships may happen so be careful and be patient. Your marriage could also face such situations, if there is already bitterness creeps in your relationship, then marriage could possibly break up, If the 7th house of Capricorn ascendants is malefic, then it will augment the possibility of break ups. You could be the reason of arguments with your siblings as your excitement level is very high. You have to take care of your life partner after June.


Sensitive time:

  • July, August, September is sensitive for prestige, health, family and money specially from 15th August to 15th September.


  • Keep your mind calm and controlled.
  • Intake maximum water.
  • Do not take heavy food at night
  • If you are going through the period of Rahu , Moon & Sun do “Vedic Shanti” to supress the malefic effects.
  • Donate goods related to Moon and Rahu.
  • Do “Maa Katyayni Anushthaan” for happy married life.

Om Namah Shivay

Pt. Deepak Dubey


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